Aug 2021


Since the beginning of this worldwide pandemic due to Covid-19, there have been many groups of people have been given additional protections and resources. Several bills and legislation were passed in order to assist people that were in dire need. One...

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Aug 2021

Advanced Child Tax Credit

In 2020, the Government enacted the American Rescue Plan. The crux of this plan was designed to assist qualified Americans during the historic COVID-19 Pandemic that struck worldwide in early 2020. Significant numbers of people lost their jobs due to...

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Apr 2021

Selecting an Answering Service For Your Bankruptcy Firm

Being served with foreclosure letters, harassing creditors calling, and bills piling up, the first course of action a person thinks of is contacting a bankruptcy lawyer to help them battle the financially difficult  times they are facing. When the...

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Apr 2020

Foreclosures During COVID-19

With the current state of the nation, we are surrounded by uncertainty and questions regarding not only our health and safety, but also our finances and property.  As a result of COVID-19, many are facing unemployment as companies are laying off workers...

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Mar 2020

The Impact of the Corona Virus and Finances

Currently, we are faced with a global pandemic.  With COVID-19, more commonly referred to as Coronavirus, we are being forced to take precautions and stay in our homes in order to prevent the spread of this infectious respiratory disease.  Schools have...

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Here at Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, we set ourselves apart from other firms because we provide direct client to attorney contact from the initial consultation all the way through the discharge in your particular case. We will not pawn your case off to a staff member at any point through the process. When you call Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, you WILL speak with local Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer Pauldeep Bains. Please call Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer ASAP at 916-800-7690 to schedule your FREE in-person or phone consultation with Pauldeep Bains and let Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer begin getting you the fresh start that you deserve.