Ongoing Requirements

All federally approved programs require you to "recertify" your income every year. We can assist you in completing the recertification over a brief telephone call, virtual or in person meeting.

Student Loan Management Programs

After a thorough analysis of your student loan records, financial profile, and income, we create a report detailing your elegibility for each program.

This report provides experienced attorneys with the information they need to advise you on the best course of action to ensure your ongoing financial health.

Resolution Programs Based on Qualification

  • Affordable Repayments
  • Loan Forgiveness
  • Default Resolution
  • Consolidate Your Payment

Life doesn't always go as planned. You signed up for financial aid or agreed to the terms of a student loan, not knowing what your financial situation would be like after graduation.

And if that situation ins't what you expected - you have options. There are nine federal repayment plans tu support you in recalculating and, for some, forgiving a portion of student loan debt.

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Free Consultation

Here at Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, we set ourselves apart from other firms because we provide direct client to attorney contact from the initial consultation all the way through the discharge in your particular case. We will not pawn your case off to a staff member at any point through the process. When you call Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, you WILL speak with local Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer Pauldeep Bains. Please call Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer ASAP at 916-800-7690 to schedule your FREE in-person or phone consultation with Pauldeep Bains and let Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer begin getting you the fresh start that you deserve.