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Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer Pauldeep Bains provides the option of making payments toward attorney fees using a secure gateway for payment. By clicking the “PAY NOW” button, you understand that debtors filing for bankruptcy relief cannot use a credit card for payments unless that credit card is attached to a bank account (i.e. debit card) or it is a pre-paid card.

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Here at Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, we set ourselves apart from other firms because we provide direct client to attorney contact from the initial consultation all the way through the discharge in your particular case. We will not pawn your case off to a staff member at any point through the process. When you call Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer, you WILL speak with local Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer Pauldeep Bains. Please call Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer ASAP at 916-800-7690 to schedule your FREE in-person or phone consultation with Pauldeep Bains and let Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer begin getting you the fresh start that you deserve.