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Paul is the first and last person you should hire, if considering bankruptcy. I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, when hiring Paul as my attorney. I got myself in debt with medical bills, moving, job loss, being on SSI, etc. and I felt I would never catch up on any of my bills, because $2 or so went to the principal, and the rest went towards the finance charge. It was getting rough and finally after a long thought process, I decided to file for bankruptcy. I messaged a few on the Yelp app, and got a few replies, Paul being one of them. He had said he would give me a call at a prompt time, and he did.

Once talking to him over the phone, with my situation, he told me all my options I can consider, since bankruptcy to me is such a scary word. He reassured me, that yes it is scary, but in the long run, it'll help with getting a fresh start and doing things the correct way. I had let him know about having SSI as my main income, and that wasn't a bother either. He was more than willing to work out a true payment arrangement, while still being able to file right away. All the other attorneys I had talked to, wanted their money right away, before even consider filing. It's pretty hard to come up with 2k - 3k off the bat, at least for me, when I have other priorities in my life, as well. This guy actually HELPS! Just don't ever screw him over, because he will bust his balls for you, to get you back on a better track.

I commend Paul for being such a helping bankruptcy attorney and getting me on a fresh start. I've already started my new journey again and my score has already improved greatly, since then. I don't know how the other attorneys rank, as far as business, and treating you with the utmost respect. When I talked to a few, and then Paul, my gut said "Team Paul, all the way!"

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