Mandy P. - Chicago, IL

Paul is not only an outstanding attorney but also an honest, open and caring person. When I found myself in the unfortunate situation of having to file bankruptcy, I also found myself experiencing a great deal of shame and despair. Obviously, I was not at a high point in life financially; I had been hit hard by the recession/lack of work and some personal issues that found me overwhelmed with monetary burdens. To make matters worse, my initial Sacramento-based bankruptcy attorney had 'taken me' for $3,500. Back at square one - without the finances to file bankruptcy, having to re-start the paperwork/bankruptcy process, and without an attorney - I was, admittedly, depressed, anxious and frightened.

Thankfully, I found Paul. Immediately, he treated me with respect; he patiently explained and guided me through the bankruptcy process. His in-depth and thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law and his kind, nurturing spirit is exactly what I needed to move forward during this challenging time in my life. Paul alleviated my fears and frustrations regarding bankruptcy (and attorneys) and, together, we simply concentrated on the task at-hand and moved forward. This would not have been possible without his professionalism and his responsiveness returning emails and phone calls within 24-hours; his open-door policy was an expected benefit.

My bankruptcy became final in 2013; yet, I am still in contact with Paul. In fact, I had a bankruptcy law-related question just recently and Paul was more than willing to help me - three years after we had closed my case.

I cannot recommend Paul enough. However complex or simple your finances and/or bankruptcy may be, Paul is the best attorney for you. You can trust him and know that he will do whatever he can for you.

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