Apr 2020

Foreclosures During COVID-19

With the current state of the nation, we are surrounded by uncertainty and questions regarding not only our health and safety, but also our finances and property.  As a result of COVID-19, many are facing unemployment as companies are laying off workers...

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Mar 2020

The Impact of the Corona Virus and Finances

Currently, we are faced with a global pandemic.  With COVID-19, more commonly referred to as Coronavirus, we are being forced to take precautions and stay in our homes in order to prevent the spread of this infectious respiratory disease.  Schools have...

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Feb 2020

Elizabeth Warren's Plan On Bankruptcy

With elections around the corner, presidential candidates are relying on their plans and initiatives to encourage their supporters to elect them into office.  One topic that Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren is hoping to tackle is the current...

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Jan 2020

Relationship Between Medical Bills and Your Finances

Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness or faced with an accident resulting in a hospital stay, people must take on the burden of medical expenses at some point.  In fact, 25% to 50% of bankruptcies include medical debt.  One of the most...

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Aug 2019

Life After Bankruptcy

You just declared bankruptcy and you are now having second thoughts because you are terrified of what life will be like after the process. This is a common concern from many consumers when considering bankruptcy as an option. There are a million...

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